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    Kipp en Zonen Kipp & Zonen provides class-leading instruments for measuring solar radiation and atmospheric properties in Meteorology, Climatology, Hydrology, Industry, Renewable Energy, Agriculture and Public Health. Kipp & Zonen is the specialist in the measurement of solar and sky radiation, from the ultraviolet to the far infrared. We offer a complete range of high quality instrumentation and accessories, from reliable cost-effective products to the best performance available. Our pyranometers, for example, are used in meteorological networks around the world. Furthermore, our expertise and close links with the scientific community have led to high-end solutions for the measurement of atmospheric properties such as stratospheric Ozone, UV Spectra, aerosols, temperature profiles, evapo-transpiration, cloud properties and the ground-truthing of satellite data. Our mission is to satisfy the fundamental need to monitor atmospheric properties related to climate change, classical meteorology, agriculture, renewable energy and the available water budget.
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